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6 Reasons why You Shouldn’t Drink Soda and how to Replace It.

It’s hard not to love soda, pop, soda pop, whatever the cool kids call it these days! The sweet, bubbly, and caffeinated beverage is delicious and quenches an indescribable thirst.

The only downside is that it is VERY bad for you. And I don’t want to sound like your mom when I say this, but, you definitely have to cut back on your sugar intake if you want to live a healthy and happy life!

There are so many reasons, but here I have focused in on the 7 that I think most people will really care about.


1. Soda is Made With Sugar, Sugar, oh and More Sugar!

Did you know that one can of soda has about 10 packets of sugar? It’s Crazy! I’m sure you can imagine how bad that amount of sugar is for your body and your mood!

The amount of sugar in soda can heighten your blood sugar and causes an insulin reaction in your body. It can also help cause diabetes and insulin resistance. For people who already have diabetes, you are risking your health for a can of soda because your sugar levels and heart are already at risk.


2. Artifical Sweeteners AKA The ‘Sugar Wannabe’

Are you on a diet? Or have an insulin problem? Well, I have bad news for you because diet soda is just as bad as the regular stuff!

Aspartame is used to substitute sugar and it’s super bad for your body. It is known to cause health problems like seizures, brain tumors, emotional disorders, and diabetes (ironic, I know).

Not convinced yet? The artificial sweeteners in sodas can also increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, which causes belly fat, high blood sugar, and raised cholesterol.

I am really stressing this because I know far too many people with health issues, especially diabetes, that believe that drinking diet soda makes everything O.K. But, in reality, any soda, including those made with artificial sweeteners or labeled ‘diet’ are only feeding to the fuel.


3. Phosphoric Acid (Whatever that is!)

In simple terms, Phosphoric acid is what causes cavities, bone softening, and osteoporosis. And, it’s in your soda.

Any kind of soda is bad for your dental health because it can cause plaque, which can also cause cavities, and if not treated properly cause gum disease.


4. Caffeine

Soda has caffeine and a lot of it at that. However, I am not here to bash on caffeine because I know many people who ingest caffeine and are perfectly healthy. However, it is how the source you take it from that matters.

Soda is not an ideal way of getting your caffeine fix because of all of the sugar and chemicals floating around in the mix.

You should try replacing soda with other sources of caffeine like coffee, tea, or any other healthy alternative.


5. Soda Sucks the Life out of You (or at Least the Water!)

Do you ever tell yourself, “I’ll have one glass of soda and be on my merry way”? I do, not that melodically, but I have definitely fallen culprit to chugging back 2 or 3 glasses of soda in one sitting!

There are two reasons why you crave more soda after just one glass or can.

The first reason is that sugar is known to be addictive, and we crave more of the mood-lifting that sugar provides us with. However, the problem is that once we ride out that sugar high, we are left wanting more and more!

The second reason why it’s nearly impossible to only have one glass or can of soda is that soda is dehydrating. Due to the high amounts of sugar, sodium, and caffeine, soda is made to make you thirsty again, and again (it’s actually quite genius from a marketing perspective!).

The only way to break this cycle is to stop drinking soda on the regular. Replace soda with more water and other beverages that will not leave you feeling dissatisfied or thirsty all of the time.


6. Weight Gain

People in the fitness and health world like to call soda, as well as other high sugar beverages, empty calories. These beverages and foods are significantly high in calories but have very little nutritional value.

If your goal is to lose weight, you need to watch the food and beverages you ingest, because every little thing counts! Not to mention that unnatural and unhealthy sugar makes it VERY hard to lose weight.


So, Overall, soda is bad because it is full of sugar, causes weight gain and other health issues, and is bad for your overall happiness!


How to Replace Soda in Your Diet

Now that we have gotten the negativity out of the way, let’s look at the bright side! There is an abundance of ways to replace sugar-packed soda in a much healthier way. I highly recommend you try a couple (or all) of the following substitutions and ideas to see what works best for you. Your body is your temple and you need to keep it strong and beautiful from the inside out. Your body is the only body you will get, and it has gotten you this far. Why not do it a favor and live a more health-conscious lifestyle?

1. If you Crave the Sugar




soda image of infused water

Infuse water with fruit: It’s super simple and a great way to make water a little bit more interesting. I love adding orange, lime, raspberries, and even cucumber (which I realize is not a fruit but it tastes great!).




soda pressed juice

Make or buy Pressed Juice: If you have a juice presser, what are you waiting for? Get on that ASAP! But, if you don’t have one and do not want to spend a ton of money, you can also quench your soda sweet-tooth thirst with a pressed juice from your local store!




soda replaced by iced teaMake Homemade Iced Tea: Super simple, and super delicious! I love making iced tea because you can have so much fun with it! You can even infuse it with berries and citrus to heighten the flavors!


3. If you Crave Bubbles



soda replaced with carbonated waterDrink infused or plain carbonated water: As mentioned before, I love infused water, but if you are craving bubbles, simply add some carbonated water! If you don’t have a sweet tooth, no problem, simply opt out of the fruit part.




soda replaced by carbonation machineBuy a carbonation machine and make your own healthier version of soda: If you are all in for soda, especially the bubbly factor, and you don’t mind spending a bit of money, you should definitely consider buying a carbonation machine! You can make your own carbonated water or healthier soda.


4. For the Caffeine Junky



soda replaced by iced coffeeGo directly to the source, drink hot or iced coffee. I recommend you cut the amount of sugar you put and maybe even replace your creamer with milk.




soda replaced by teaBlack or green tea: Not a coffee person? No problem, you can get sufficient amounts of caffeine through black and green tea!


5. Can’t Stop Cold Turkey? No Problem



soda replaced by kombucha

Kombucha: Packed with probiotics and great for your gut health, Mombucha is sweet, bubbly, and contains a good amount of caffeine from the tea! It’s a win, win, win! Check out RISE which carries flavors like Maple Blueberry, Hibiscus Rose, and Ginger, or Fous de L’ile with flavors like Mango, Cherry, and Ginger.




Bec sodaBec: An organic, Quebec soda that uses real maple syrup to give it that sweetness you are crazy about! They carry flavors like BecCrannbery, Lime, and Cola.




Henri sodasHenri Sodas:  Montreal based, these sodas will surely leave you satisfied. You won’t even know the difference! Try their assortment of flavors: Spruce, Rootbeer, and Kola!




1642 soda1642 Sodas: Their ingredients, are legit, and they are from Montreal. Just check out their ingredients!


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