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Cafe St.Henri: A Jean Talon Market Treasure?

Being a content creator for a marketing company, I am not bound to an office space and sometimes I decide to be a human who interacts with other humans (not very often). I have taken this as an opportunity to try out as many cafes in Montreal as possible! So, if you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comment section below, or send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook!


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Today I am sharing my experience of going to Cafe St.Henri located at the Jean Talon Market. Keep reading to find out if this cafe is worth your time and money!


Cafe St. Henri


Waiting Time

I arrived at Cafe St. Henri around 3 pm and initially planned on getting an iced coffee, sitting inside, and working for a couple of hours. When I walked in I was disappointed by the amount of table space. The only tables available are so small that they only fit my laptop. Also, there were no tables to sit at because people were using them as their waiting area.

There was only one barista when I arrived and the line to order was very long time compared to other cafes I have been to, however, it was bearable compared to the time it took to actually get my coffee. I found it to get uncomfortable because there was no space to stand without getting in someone’s way and the people were beginning to pile up.

I wouldn’t recommend this place for someone who is planning on staying inside to work as the tables are too small and it is too crowded, however, they do have lots of space outside!


Cafe St. Henri



The Coffee

When it was finally my turn to order I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of non-dairy options. I tend to stress over what options I can actually choose from on a cafe menu because, often times, I am limited to tea.

I ordered a cold brew with oat milk, and it came to $4. Now, you may think I am cheap, but I definitely found this a tad bit overpriced. The coffee is great, don’t get me wrong, however, I didn’t see any options for cup sizes and could only see one size and price. This may be my student mentality speaking, however, I think you can get good quality coffee for less.

Nonetheless, like I said before the coffee was great. I truly enjoyed it on a hot summer day, working outside, and enjoying the beautiful market.


Cafe St. Henri


The Outside Terrace

Although I was disappointed by the interior seating arrangements, the outside area did not disappoint. I was able to sit comfortably with my laptop and work. I especially loved that it is right in front of the Jean Talon Market, the air was filled with the aroma of fresh produce, baked goods, and coffee of course!

I also really appreciated the free WiFi that the Jean Talon Market offers, it’s fast and easy to connect to and I had no problems getting my work done!



Final Thoughts

Although it doesn’t sound like it, I did enjoy Cafe St.Henri, I think I was only disappointed because it didn’t meet what I had planned for (working inside in a quiet area).

I recommend this place to anyone is needs a quick coffee or snack. I also want to say that although it was very busy during the day, it became completely empty by 4:30 pm and I was able to work inside for a little bit.

I also took the opportunity to go inside the actual jean Talon Market, which I love Very much! I got a smoothie, worked at a table, and felt extremely at peace.






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