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184 Main Collins Street | West victoria 8007

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Bofinger BBQ Smokehouse: Classic Southern-Quebecois Barbecue

BoFinger BBQ Smokehouse is a classic Southern barbecue joint with a Quebecois twist. All of their meat is dry rubbed with garlic and ginger and then smoked over night with maple wood.

The owners are great (and one of them is vegetarian!), after buying the BoFinger chain from the previous owners and focusing on one location, the owners know what they are doing (and they do it so well)!

So, was the meat ‘Bofingerlicking’ good, and did they give me a hard time for my personal order without onion, garlic, or dairy? Keep reading to find out!



Walking into the joint, I loved it immediately. It has an authentic feel to it as the benches are a deep leather and the interior design is like an upper-class diner. The classical music definitely helps create a 20’s vibe!

The southern Quebecois restaurant even caters to your entertainment needs with 3 or 4 big screen T.V’s. It made waiting for my food even more enjoyable as I had something to do (though it didn’t take very long).

The outside is just as nice! With red vibrant tables and beautiful flowers, you can’t miss it. On a beautiful day, I could definitely see myself out there with a bunch of friends (they have picnic tables so they hold a lot of people).



Now I am aware that I may be biased in saying this, as the owners knew I was coming to review their restaurant, but the service is great. The people who work at BoFinger are are so awsome.

The people are so nice and are on top of their game!

I think part of what helps with the great service is that you order at the counter and they bring the food to your table. This way, they only have to come to your table to check up on you.

I really had a great time because the people working at the restaurant were all so genuine.  And, though they did not create BoFinger, their revival of it is amazing!


table with bbq food

(My happy face because FOOD)



Bofinger is unique in the way that it’s serving system works. As mentioned before, clients order at the counter and receive their meals at their table.

Also, the menu itself is unique. The way it works is that you choose your meat, your side dish, and your sauce. It’s really cool because there are so many combinations to try, which is just another reason to go back again!


Is it Dietary Approved?

I was so nervous to ask for something with no onion, garlic, or dairy (anyone else feel that way?). But, the people at BoFinger make it so easy, the owners were more than happy to recommend options from their menu that met my dietary needs.

I can’t lie, it was tricky to find something on the menu that didn’t have garlic because all of the smoked meat is rubbed with garlic. But I ended up ordering a Cuban sandwich with pulled pork, a spicy honey sauce, and sweet potato fries on the side!


cuban pulled pork sandwich


For anyone who has sever allergies or restrictions, there are a couple of things on the menu that are available. You might have to take a bit more time and ask a few questions but with the easy service and great quality, it’s worth it!

I recommend this as a place to treat yourself, because chances are you are going to order something with garlic (if you have IBS like me) because with all of the sauces and way meat is prepared, there could be a sneaky ingredient here or there.

I personally chose a safe option and I enjoyed it SO much! I also didn’t feel too bloated or sick afterwards so I would say it is APPROVED!


Is it Gastronomically Approved?

To give BoFinger a fair shot, I got my friends (who don’t have any food restrictions) to try the menu. Together they ordered the meat platter with sides, a club sandwich, mac&cheese, and some classic fries.

I’m not gonna lie, I took a nibble of the sides that looked safe, and they were AMAZING! The baked beans are cooked with dill (very different but I like it), the coleslaw is spot on, and the fries are so good!


food spread of bbq food

(Sorry for the poor quality image, I was too excited to eat that I forgot to take some good pics!)


I asked my friends for their comments and I got these kinds of answers (no exaggeration, they were pumped afterwards and one was in a food coma)

  • ” I want to eat this every single night”
  • “That hit the spot”
  • “It’s f**ing awesome”
  • “Literally the best BBQ I have had in Montreal”


I think I can say it was a success and a winner for everyone! I highly recommend BoFinger BBQ Smokehouse to any meat lover, BBQ connoisseur, or those on the hunt of a darn good BBQ joint.

Have you tried BoFinger BBQ Smokehouse before? Let me know in the comments below. Also, let me know what restaurant YOU want me to review in or near Montreal!


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